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Interview with Cast of ‘The Great War As It Was’

This Remembrance weekend, the fabulous Threadbare Theatre company will take to the boards once again at The Crown Old Oxted, to show their brilliant production, The Great War As it Was, a fun, yet thought-provoking music-hall style show based on accounts of WWI.  Here, we talk to the hugely talented cast, Andrew Candish, Matthew Winters and Felicity Gordon (and Bella the theatre cat!). Continue reading Interview with Cast of ‘The Great War As It Was’

Limpsfield Remembrance Sunday Parade

This Sunday, November 13th, The Royal British Legion will stage its annual Remembrance Day Parade in Limpsfield.   The colourful parade, by local armed forces, veterans and cadets will commence at 9.30am from Sylvan Close to St Peter’s Church, where there will be a Remembrance service at 10am. A return parade will follow after the service.  Continue reading Limpsfield Remembrance Sunday Parade

Flashback Friday: Limpsfield High Street and Bookshop

We love this amazing photo of Limpsfield High Street pre-dating cars!    They didn’t even drive on the left then 😉

Limpsfield High Street – Redfern, the bookshop and Berry House, Miles House
The Limpsfield Bookshop, Berry House and Miles House

Got any good Flashback Limpsfield photos? Please scan (jpg) and email to with a brief description and date if you have one.  Any era goes, as long as it’s in Limpsfield and it’s a flashback! 

Joie de Vivre – step in and feel instantly happy!

Stepping inside this gorgeous little boutique on Limpsfield High Street really does make you feel instantly happy and full of joie de vivre! It’s tiny, but everything in it is amazing. Continue reading Joie de Vivre – step in and feel instantly happy!

Where to trick or treat tonight in Limpsfield

If you’re out and about Trick or Treating tonight, the best places to go in Limpsfield are Granville Road, Park Road, Detillens Lane, Pastens, Padbrook, Ridlands Lane, Ridlands Rise, Brassey Hill and Stoneleigh Road.

Those houses who want to see Trick or Treaters are usually the ones with Halloween decorations, pumpkin lights and candles in their doorway or windows.

Please respect those who do not wish to have trick or treaters visit their house. They are not necessarily stingy, boring or bad tempered Halloween Humbugs! Some elderly people are genuinely frightened by some Trick or Treaters, particularly the older ones!

Last minute costumes and accessories at Fancier Dress (open until 5pm).

No Scary Clowns Please!

Many adults and children have been genuinely terrified by the ridiculous clown trend sweeping the globe. Please think twice about clown costumes. It’s well past funny and could seriously cause long term psychological damage to young children.


Limpsfield – perfect for spooky wanderings on Halloween!


With Limpsfield being as old and historic as it is, there must be ghosts aplenty round these parts – making it perfect for spooky Halloween walks.

Many of the buildings in Limpsfield village and Limpsfield Chart date back hundreds of years, so there are lots that must surely have a huge amount of history and hauntings. Continue reading Limpsfield – perfect for spooky wanderings on Halloween!

Flashback Friday: The Lord Rodney, Limpsfield

Now you’ll find Rodney House and Rodney Cottage, but just off the high street before Pebble Hill (and opposite Sylvan close) used to stand the Rodney Inn / Lord Rodney pub. It started life as the Coach & Horses and changed names back and forth until the 20th century when it ended up as the Lord Rodney.

It lost its license in the 1920s and is now Rodney House. For the full history, click here for Wasfu Man’s blog entry on Limpsfield pubs.


Limpsfield Neighbourhood Plan suggestion form – now online for your convenience!

Want to let the Parish Council know what’s good, not so good and needed in #Limpsfield?  Find their quick online survey/suggestions form here:

You’ve probably seen one of the many suggestions boxes or orange wheelie bins dotted about Limpsfield Parish, but if don’t have the time or inclination to fill in and post an actual suggestion form, or if you can no longer write with a pen (!) then the online version could be for you!
Continue reading Limpsfield Neighbourhood Plan suggestion form – now online for your convenience!

Fancier Dress gears up for Halloween

Fancier Dress, owned by Limpsfield local and theatre director / playwright, Lucy Linger Moore, is a brilliant fancy dress Aladdin’s Cave in Limpsfield High Street.  This week they’re donning their best scary outfits in preparation for Halloween – the busiest week of the year!  Continue reading Fancier Dress gears up for Halloween

Flashback Friday: Detillens Lane, Limpsfield

Look at this quiet leafy lane. Not really that long ago, and actually not really that much has changed except for fencing and the lack of parked cars 😉