Leo Davis – Photographer and Rooftopologist

Leo Davis moved to Limpsfield from Sydenham four years ago and lives on Pebble Hill. A self-confessed “student of photography”, in that he’s constantly learning and developing, he’s often to be spotted around Limpsfield, camera in hand. A selection of his photography is available at Avalanche Gallery. Read about him here…  


What brought you to Limpsfield?

My wife is originally from Westerham, so we knew the area and moved to Limpsfield four years ago. First, we were renting on Pebble Hill, then bought the property two doors down when our neighbour sadly passed. I like to think she will be happy to know my wife and son are now living there.

The area is nice, little too nice if you ask me (I joke)!  However, it’s got some getting used to people saying “Hello” out loud, as opposed to the head nods I would get in my home town of Sydenham, known for its art, culture, 24hr-off licenses and many pound shops!

Are you a full-time photographer?

I’m a freelance photographer and love to spend as much time as I can looking through a lens, but I also work for a local high-end refurbishment company, Woodhatch Design.

How did you get into photography?

I choose to follow what the greatest do and since my dad was a photographer, I’ve followed suit.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by blue oceans, the feeling blue, the blue sky and how it’s decorated.

My preferred subject would be the female form, expressing confidence, humility, strength and grace.

However, I currently settle for the symmetry of rooftops that sit on a back drop of clear blue skies.  I call it “Rooftopology”, a visual that evokes little feeling, aids in focus and removes the notion of meaning.

My Rooftopology photos are available exclusively at Avalanche Gallery on Limpsfield high street. Nick and Sarah are great!


Leo is available for commissions. You can contact him at LeoGetsThePicture@gmail.com or 07846 500080.

Check out some of his beautiful photos on Instagram: @Lr2g


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