Leo Davis – Photographer and Rooftopologist

Leo Davis moved to Limpsfield from Sydenham four years ago and lives on Pebble Hill. A self-confessed “student of photography”, in that he’s constantly learning and developing, he’s often to be spotted around Limpsfield, camera in hand. A selection of his photography is available at Avalanche Gallery. Read about him here…   Continue reading “Leo Davis – Photographer and Rooftopologist”

Stone noses – Sarah Cheeseman talks about her pebble art

Sarah Cheeseman’s creative pebble art is currently on display and sale in Limpsfield’s Avalanche Gallery. While the local mum doesn’t actually live in Limpsfield, she regularly treks down Titsey Hill from her home “in the clouds” (aka Woldingham) , with children attending Funky Feet at Surrey Dance and for visits to Limpsfield Ceramics. Continue reading “Stone noses – Sarah Cheeseman talks about her pebble art”

Meet the Artist – Ian Mowforth at Avalanche Gallery

If you’re a Limpsfield local, you’ll most likely have noticed the incredible animal  paintings in the window of Limpsfield’s Avalanche Gallery. Painted in oils by well-known artist, Ian Mowforth, who will be at the Gallery on October 1st.  Continue reading “Meet the Artist – Ian Mowforth at Avalanche Gallery”

Avalanche Gallery is now open!

If you haven’t been already, you must go to the amazing new Avalanche Gallery  – now open on Limpsfield High Street.   Continue reading “Avalanche Gallery is now open!”

Fancier Dress makes room for Avalanche Gallery

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Fancier Dress, Limpsfield’s very own fancy dress and party emporium, has now moved to the barn behind its former shopfront home, to allow the Avalanche Gallery to make its final preparations before opening at the Wickham Stores shop.  Continue reading “Fancier Dress makes room for Avalanche Gallery”

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