Flashback Friday: A misty Limpsfield High Street c1906

It looks rather like the damp, misty and muddy weather we’re having right now and actually Rosewell and Jessamine cottages and Sandridge have changed very little from the outside, but this flashback photo is from 1906.   Does anyone know who the local girls standing outside the cottages might be?  Continue reading

Flashback Friday: 1941 trip in the automobile

Courtesy of Lynn Mills.
1941, day out in the automobile ‘near #Oxted‘. We’re pretty sure this is taken from outside The Boys Home at #Titsey Road approaching #Limpsfield Village.
“It’s one of my favourites from my grandfather’s album,” says Lynn. “He mainly photographed views, but that one’s special, because it includes my Mum, uncle and grandmother in the picture, together with a friend. They were living in Selsdon at that time, so would’ve gone down Titsey Road to be ‘near Oxted’.

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Flashback Friday: 1976 Limpsfield Infant School fete

This was taken at Limpsfield C of E Infant School summer fete. Pretty sure this is the summer of 1976, because the grass up on the cricket pitch/common is completely parched! When did it last look like that?    Do you recognise yourself in the photo?

From my very hazy memory, L to R are (I think): Angus Brown, Nicci Parry, unknown boy, Victoria Wilton, Caroline Elson, Samantha ??, me (Sophie Martin) and Will Turtle! Can you fill in the gaps?!

Flashback Friday: Limpsfield Chart & St Andrew’s

We love this photo of a family wandering along the Kent Hatch Road in the sunshine.   It shows the huge growth of trees in the Limpsfield Chart area over the last 100 years… Kent Hatch Road and Limpsfield Chart used to be so open and airy!   Continue reading

Flashback Friday: The Bull, Limpsfield

“Wot, no hanging baskets!?” The Bull on Limpsfield High Street used to be a hotel as well as a public house and has welcomed many, many generations of Limpsfield residents through its doors. Continue reading

Flashback Friday: Limpsfield Chart Post Office

Who remembers shops on Limpsfield Chart?

I rode my bike up Trevereux Hill to the little shop on Post Office Row (think possibly after Joyce had gone although I’m sure it was still called Joyce’s)… Before that was the post office and shop, there was an actual post office on the corner (main picture). Continue reading

Flashback Friday: The Lord Rodney, Limpsfield

Now you’ll find Rodney House and Rodney Cottage, but just off the high street before Pebble Hill (and opposite Sylvan close) used to stand the Rodney Inn / Lord Rodney pub. It started life as the Coach & Horses and changed names back and forth until the 20th century when it ended up as the Lord Rodney.

It lost its license in the 1920s and is now Rodney House. For the full history, click here for Wasfu Man’s blog entry on Limpsfield pubs.


Flashback Friday: The Plumbers Arms

Recognise this junction? Now the Limpsfield High Street/Pebble Hill/Wolfs Row traffic lights, it used to be the site of The Plumbers Arms.

The Plumbers Arms 1950s
The Plumbers Arms in the 1950s – corner of Wolf’s Row & Pebble Hill (A25).