Avalanche Gallery is now open!

Avalanche Gallery Limpsfield

If you haven’t been already, you must go to the amazing new Avalanche Gallery  – now open on Limpsfield High Street.   Continue reading

Fancier Dress makes room for Avalanche Gallery

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Fancier Dress, Limpsfield’s very own fancy dress and party emporium, has now moved to the barn behind its former shopfront home, to allow the Avalanche Gallery to make its final preparations before opening at the Wickham Stores shop.  Continue reading

Flashback Friday: A misty Limpsfield High Street c1906

It looks rather like the damp, misty and muddy weather we’re having right now and actually Rosewell and Jessamine cottages and Sandridge have changed very little from the outside, but this flashback photo is from 1906.   Does anyone know who the local girls standing outside the cottages might be?  Continue reading