Flashback Friday: The Plumbers Arms

Recognise this junction? Now the Limpsfield High Street/Pebble Hill/Wolfs Row traffic lights, it used to be the site of The Plumbers Arms.

The Plumbers Arms 1950s
The Plumbers Arms in the 1950s – corner of Wolf’s Row & Pebble Hill (A25).


6 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: The Plumbers Arms

  1. I have a pencil sketch of the Plumbers Arms from 1928 by local architect Arthur Keene, my grandmother’s cousin. I imagine being in the Depression, perhaps he may have drawn it in his spare time between commissions…. Maybe not.
    In the meantime could anyone confirm why the pub was knocked down ? I always thought it was due to the A25 widening but there was a programme the other afternoon with Martin Jarvis that suggested that that a pub in Limpsfield was knocked down by a stray tank ! Many thanks.


    1. Hi Peter – thanks for this. Would love to see the sketch. There was recently an Arthur Keene exhibition at Limpsfield Church. I believe the Plumbers was knocked down not long after he sketched it – maybe early 1930s. Yes it was due for demolition anyway but apparently its demised was brought forward by the truck hitting it…!


    2. Hi Peter, A local resident just contacted me, interested to find out more about Arthur Keene and some local houses he thinks that Arthur designed and wondered if your family connections might be able to confirm whether he did indeed design them or not. If you see this note, would you be so kind as to email me hello@limpsfield.com and I’ll put you in contact if that’s ok? Thanks and hope you’re well. Sophie


  2. I heard a Canadian army tank did go on a bit of a rampage during WW2 (apparently some Candian infantry had a base nearby) which took out some of the wall that surrounds Bower Court… damage presumably linked?? Presumably, the A25 (westbound lanes towards Godstone) run over the site of the Plumbers Arms..?


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