Threadbare Theatre Company presents The Great War as it Was

With Remembrance Day coming up soon, and a century since WWI, on Monday, October 24th the Threadbare Theatre Company will present The Great War as it Was, a World War One music hall extravaganza directed by Limpsfield’s Lucy Linger Moore.

The evening, part of the Bluehouse Festival, comprises of three plays, written 100 years ago and almost forgotten forever in the British library.  Two of the plays are written by J.M.Barrie and A.A.Milne, celebrated as children’s authors who also wrote plays about their experiences in First World War.  The plays, presented in a Music Hall style, will be sure to provide an evening of laughter and song as well as reflection.

This fabulous production comes fresh from their performance at the National Centenary commemoration of the Battle of the Somme in Manchester and give fascinating insights into the experience of war, for both the men who fought and those left at home – dealing with the issues of masculinity, generational difference, loss and fear, hope, pride and questioning one’s faith in times of darkness – all of which are as relevant today as they were a hundred years ago.

With a mixture of humour and pathos The Great War as it Was is a wonderful way to lead us into our traditional period of remembrance.

Tickets £12 adults, £8 under 18s, available from Fancier Dress in Limpsfield or from the Oxted URC Box Office – open between 10 a.m and 12 noon on Tuesday mornings. Tickets also available by post and online at:

Download the Festival program and ticket form here

PHOTO: Threadbare Theatre Company actors rehearsing (from left) Matthew Winters, Andrew Candish and Felicity Jolly.




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