Britain in bloom 2017 keeps harmony and hedgehogs in Limpsfield!

Spring is in the air and it’s time to think about flowers and planting for this summer’s Britain in Bloom entry for Limpsfield! This year, the theme is ‘Harmony’ and colours are pastel shades of pink, blues, purples and whites.  

Ann Osborn, who coordinates Limpsfield in Bloom talks about this year’s entry and how local residents can get involved.

How many years has Limpsfield entered Britain in Bloom?

This is the twelfth year that Limpsfield has entered the ‘in Bloom’ competition.  We have been judged in the regional South and South East group every year and have also entered the national Britain in Bloom competition three times.

How successful has Limpsfield been?

Apart from the first year, we have gained a gold medal in the regional competition every year, and have had a gold and two silver gilt medals in the national competition.

Limpsfield in Bloom isn’t just about flowers is it?

No, we are always conscious of sustainability and this year are concerned about the reducing numbers of hedgehogs. We will be providing some information to help people attract and keep hedgehogs in their garden. Apart from being lovely to have, hedgehogs have the great advantage that they eat slugs and snails – the gardener’s nightmare, so we definitely need more of them!

What is the main aim behind Limpsfield in Bloom? 

Our main aim is to make Limpsfield more attractive each year and the reason for our continuing success in the Britain in Bloom competition is that we have huge support from people in Limpsfield.

What sorts of jobs can people do? 

Many people volunteer in lots of ways – gardening, litter collection, cleaning signs, painting lamp posts, helping with the children’s input, fundraising, photocopying, weed-killing, making lunches and tea!   This support is vital and without it we could not continue.

Do you need more helpers?!

Yes!  More volunteers for our working parties would be great.

When are working parties happening?

The dates this year are Saturdays – 11 March and 22 April at 10am, and Wednesdays – 10 May and 14 June at 2pm.  There will be notices up in the village to say where we are meeting for the working parties so do come along.

When is the Britain in Bloom judging?

We will be judged at some time in the first two weeks of July, so it would be great to see everyone making an extra bit of effort with their gardens for those weeks!

More planting tips soon…watch this space!  

One thought on “Britain in bloom 2017 keeps harmony and hedgehogs in Limpsfield!

  1. What a lovely idea! I fell in love with hedgehogs when I was in England & Germany, and actually kept two as pets at the herb farm…I haven’t yet been to Limpsfield, but I will put it on my list to visit, especially when the flowers should be at their best.


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