A special visitor for Oxted fire crew

Oxted’s firefighters had a special visitor before Christmas, bearing gifts of sweet delight… but it wasn’t Santa!  It was eight year old Jasmine Baber of Limpsfield, who has just about finished her 24 Random Acts Of Kindness, which began on December 1 and will end on Christmas Eve.

Jasmine challenged herself to complete one chosen task a day:  She made a festive card for a solider; picked up litter; took supplies to an animal shelter; let someone go in front of her in a queue and told a silly joke to make someone laugh!

She also donated food to a food bank, took coffee to her teacher, got in touch with a friend, paid for a stranger’s coffee, took the treats to the Oxted fire station, and fed birds in her garden.

See previous article for the background to her story here.

Congratulations Jasmine on completing your Random Acts challenge!

Photo and article by kevin black

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