Jasmine’s Christmas acts of kindness

by Kevin Black.

Christmas is a time of goodwill and kindness to all and no one typifies that better than eight-year-old Jasmine Baber of Limpsfield Village. Jasmine, a pupil at a Bletchingley primary school, is working her way through her ’24 Random Acts Of Kindness’, which began on December 1 and will end on December 24.

Jasmine is completing one chosen task a day: So far she has made a festive card for a soldier, picked up litter, taken supplies to an animal shelter, let someone go in front of her in a queue and told a silly joke to make someone laugh.

Between now and Christmas Eve Jasmine has various jobs to carry out, including donating food to a food bank, taking coffee to her teacher, getting in touch with a friend, paying for a stranger’s coffee, taking treats to Oxted fire station, feeding birds and smiling, for a day, at everyone she sees.

Jasmine’s mum, Jessica said: “I found the Random Acts idea on the internet and was shocked when Jasmine announced she would rather spread some kindness than eat the chocolate from an advent calendar.”

Article and Photo by Kevin Black.

Photo: Jasmine Baber prepares for her acts of kindness.

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