Limpsfield Neighbourhood Plan suggestion form – now online for your convenience!

Want to let the Parish Council know what’s good, not so good and needed in #Limpsfield?  Find their quick online survey/suggestions form here:

You’ve probably seen one of the many suggestions boxes or orange wheelie bins dotted about Limpsfield Parish, but if don’t have the time or inclination to fill in and post an actual suggestion form, or if you can no longer write with a pen (!) then the online version could be for you!

As per previous post (click here to read), Limpsfield Parish Council is putting together a Neighbourhood Plan which aims to set out everything we love and don’t love quite so much; what we think Limpsfield could do with more or less and covers important topics such as Environment & Local Economy; Housing & Development; Assets & Infrastructure (i.e. what services and facilities we already have and what we could do with); Building Design & Heritage.

It’s really important that everyone in Limpsfield takes and interest and gets involved.  This is a way of allowing residents to shape the next 20 years of the Limpsfield area (including Limpsfield Village, Limpsfield Chart, Pains Hill, Itchingwood Common and Staffhurst Wood).

More info on the plan here.



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