Fancier Dress gears up for Halloween

Fancier Dress, owned by Limpsfield local and theatre director / playwright, Lucy Linger Moore, is a brilliant fancy dress Aladdin’s Cave in Limpsfield High Street.  This week they’re donning their best scary outfits in preparation for Halloween – the busiest week of the year! 

Owner Lucy talks about how she got started and the most popular outfits.

How did you come to run a fancy dress shop?

I studied Drama at Exeter University and went on to do a postgraduate diploma in Directing and then set up Threadbare Theatre Company in 2003. We had a lot of success on the fringe in both London and Edinburgh, but making ends meet in the theatre world is always tricky.

In 2005 I was costuming a show at Upstairs at the Gatehouse and one of my actors told me about a fancy dress shop that was closing down in Twickenham. I went initially to see if I could buy costumes specifically for that show, but fell in love with the amazing stock they had. After talking it over with my husband we decided to buy the entire stock and set up a fancy dress shop to run alongside my theatre work. The rest is history!

What’s your most popular costume? 

60s and 70s remains probably our most popular range. For a specific costume our Henry VIII is hugely popular and we often hire him out with Anne Boleyn – these are such great costumes and have a real wow factor!

What’s your favourite era to dress up in?

I love 40s and 50s – I went to Goodwood with my whole family a couple of years back and also a Blitz party. Such an elegant and stylish era.

Do you run out of stock the minute a local school has a theme day?! 

We try and stay abreast of what’s coming up and order extra stock in accordingly. We get a huge amount of support from local mums – some of whom will pop in a give us a heads up, which then leads to us being able to be life savers for mums whose kids’ notes have languished at the bottom of their bags until the day before!

How mad does it get around Halloween?!

Halloween is crazy. We take more than 10% of our annual turnover in the one week leading up to it! We all dress up and it’s half term, so my Saturday girls come in every day and it’s all hands on deck!

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Selling and renting out all sorts of fancy dress outfits and accessories, from false teeth and hair colour, wigs and boots to full costumes from every era, Fancier Dress also meets party needs, including a balloon service and acts as a box office for Lucy’s Threadbare Theatre Company.

Until December 31st 2016 Fancier Dress will be open 10-5 Monday to Saturday (10-7 on Thursdays).

WWW.FANCIERDRESS.CO.UK or follow them on Twitter @FancierDress

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