Love Limpsfield? Get involved with the Neighbourhood Plan!

If you didn’t already know, the Limpsfield Parish Council is creating a Neighbourhood Plan for Limpsfield and we need your input. This is your opportunity to help shape the future of your community.  It’s your Limpsfield, your future! 

What’s a Neighbourhood Plan?

While Tandridge district council has its overall Local Plan that we can’t influene a huge amount, the Neighbourhood Plan is something local residents can get involved with and be part of shaping the future of their own community.

It’s basically a plan, influenced by locals and written by the local Parish Council, that sets out what we, the residents, want to see for the future of Limpsfield.

This covers areas such as:

  • Building Design & Heritage
  • Environment & Local Economy
  • Housing & Development
  • Community Assets & Infrastructure

The Neighbourhood Plan process is now underway and the Parish Council and NP Steering Group need YOUR help to shape it.  Get involved. Join one of the topic groups, send suggestions or at least make sure you fill in the leaflets and survey that will be making their way around the area soon.

For more info, click HERE or make your voice known on Twitter @LimpsfieldPC.  You can also email the parish clerk:



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