Limpsfield Common – Update and Plans for 2021

Please find following a message to all lovers and users of Limpsfield Common from the Friends of Limpsfield Common (FoLC Local Committee) on behalf of the National Trust…

The last year has been a challenging one for all of us, including for the National Trust. We lost many of our staff to furlough and sadly had to make over 1,200 redundancies. We also lost a large proportion of our income. All this when access to the countryside was needed more than ever…

At Limpsfield Common – and across all the Surrey Hills – we had and continue to have very high visitor numbers with little or no staff to hand. Our resources have been stretched, which has sometimes resulted in a lack of presence. 

We are extremely grateful to the caring visitors and supporters of Limpsfield Common and would like to say thank you to our loyal volunteers and guardians, our eyes and ears on the ground, to all the Friends of Limpsfield Common and to every visitor who enjoyed the countryside and took their litter and dog poo home.

Looking forward to 2021 and hopefully a better year, we are starting to piece back together our teams and focus on the future. 

We have appointed a new Lead Ranger, Henry Barnard, who will be leading the ranger team at North Downs West, Leith Hill, Holmwood Common, Limpsfield Common and Harewoods. Henry is currently recruiting for the Limpsfield Area Ranger.  

We would also like to update you on some of the tasks we have been focusing on during the lockdown period:

  • Our first priority is safety, and all current resources are being used to ensure the common is a safe space for you to use and enjoy. Various tree surveys have taken place, and some tree work will be commencing shortly, including the felling of some ash trees due to the ash dieback disease. More information can be found here:
  • During January 2021 some of the car park areas are being resurfaced. 
  • Thank you to those who took part in the Friends of Limpsfield Common Survey in September and October 2020. In response to that we are already planning projects – including the following:
  • An audit of our way markers has been completed – ready for maintenance work to begin when we are able to bring a volunteer workforce back.
  • We are proposing to install a new 1km accessible path for wheelchair and pushchair users.
  • We are also proposing to install a new 1.8km activity trail for families.

We hope to get these initiatives and others approved and funded over the coming months, as well as share with you our conservation plans to support the biodiversity and ecology of the Common.

We are consulting with various user groups on the future management plan for Ridlands Grove, including the future use of the animal houses. The first steps to a way forward have already been taken and we are committed to working together to find the best solutions for all.

If you would like to get in touch about any of the above, please do so by emailing:

We hope you all continue to enjoy the Common and we ask for your continued support throughout these challenging times.

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