Help our postal workers and give them a smoother round

Our posties have had a relentless year, with the hugely increased amounts of post and parcels since lockdown began in March and all the online purchasing began. We could be making it a lot easier for them…

Apparently it’s been “like Christmas” all year and now it is actually Christmas on top of being “like Christmas”.  Please show your appreciation for all that they do and say thanks when you next see them.

We live in a semi-rural area and there are a lot of houses with long drives or drives with electric gates.  So it would be REALLY helpful, if you have such a drive, if you would consider your postman and please put a postbox at the end of your drive / outside your gates if at all possible.  It’s very simple, but makes such a difference to them. 

Their rounds are long enough, without having to make the extra trips and wait for people to answer their entry phones.  Most post boxes are lockable as well, so security should not be an issue. 

Thank you for considering our amazing postal workers. 

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