Limpsfield In Bloom 2020 – a very virtual affair!

This year, due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, Limpsfield in Bloom will host a virtual judging day on July 9th 2020, complete with Battle of Britain themed “elevenses” (coffee and cake at 11AM) outside Memorial Stores, courtesy of The Limpsfield Cookery School and Coffee @ Kiwi House and check out our very own spitfire! 

We hope that the village will be awash with beautiful floral displays with everyone making a special effort this year to come together as a community and do something lovely and cheerful. Britain in Bloom, the annual competition run by the Royal Horticultural Society is all about community gardening – coming together as a community to do something we can all participate in and enjoy… and this year it seems more relevant than ever in some of our lifetimes.

The last time we all came together in a similar way was probably WW2, and this year’s theme for Limpsfield in Bloom is the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

Being very close to Biggin Hill airport, which was a very key strategic airport in WW2, there was actually quite a lot of activity over Limpsfield. You’ll most likely have seen the air raid shelters up at Grub Street by the British Legion. These are all there for a very good reason!

If you’re in the village area and haven’t yet got your front garden in order, it would be really lovely if you could weed any areas in front of your house, trim your hedges and mow your verges, and if possible pop out a hanging basket or pot in this year’s Battle of Britain (RAF Roundel) colours: RED, WHITE, BLUE & YELLOW.


On the day, have a walk around the village to see:

  • The troughs in theme colours red, white, blue and yellow, at the top of the high street
  • Pots and containers where the old phone box used to be – opposite Sylvan Close (top end of High Street)
  • Our very own Spitfire
  • Gardens, hanging basket and containers in the village
  • The cloud pruning, pots and planting at the end of Detillens Lane
  • The roundels on the troughs opposite the church, and borders between the limes
  • The well-maintained churchyard with its unusual trees
  • The display outside Panda nursery and ‘Limpsfield Fitness’
  • The walk by the River Eden

And please help us by:

Tidying up your front garden and the pavement outside

Adding to the display by bringing containers in the theme colours to the site of the old phone box 

Most importantly – come out and enjoy our lovely village!

PS – if you have any photos of your LIB floral displays for this year, please email them ASAP to Ann Osborn: so they can be included in our submission portfolio to Britain in Bloom. 



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