Growing social with Limpsfield in Bloom

Limpsfield in Bloom is very proud of its many golds for the annual Britain in Bloom competition, which is run by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) to promote community gardening. This year’s Britain in Bloom, themed ‘Grow Social’,  highlights the importance of the scheme’s community and volunteer involvement, that aims to draw communities together in a combined effort by people of all ages and backgrounds to improve where they live and work.

This is even more important these days when there is often less and less social and community activity as people spend more time at home, at work and online.  It’s so important to get out there and interact with other people in your local area in lots of different ways and what better way than being out in the garden, park, school etc, pottering about with plants!

Growing social is a way of encouraging the villages and towns that take part (or “In Bloomers” as they’re known) to make new connections in their communities and reach ‘beyond the garden gate to bring people together’.

Limpsfield in Bloom has always been successful in doing this, by encouraging all members of the community to come together, join the working groups or work with their neighbours.

This thriving community initiative also works with the Limpsfield CofE infant school, Limpsfield Parish Council, local businesses, the Limpsfield Community Orchard, Royal British Legion, Memorial Stores, Panda Nursery, St Peters and WI amongst other community groups.  But we can do more!

This year Limpsfield in Bloom want to encourage as many groups and individuals as possible to come together and support the community effort.

They will be announcing the 2020 colour theme and activities shortly via their own Facebook page (@limpsfieldinbloom) as well as via other pages in the community, such as the Limpsfield Parish Council, Memorial Stores, St Peters and the British Legion, and they would love everyone to work together and come up with some fabulous displays for their gardens, porches and the Limpsfield area in general.

Let’s grow social together!

(Article written by Sophie Martin for Parish News Spring issue)

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