Limpsfield Ceramics – a tiling treasure trove in the heart of the village

Lawrence Littleales is the man behind Limpsfield Ceramics, purveyor of all the tiles you could ever need for home or business and located in one of Limpsfield’s best-known buildings, a former wheelright’s and garage, opposite Memorial Stores on Limpsfield High Street.  

Having lived in Limpsfield since he was four years old, and with a background in kitchen and bathroom supply and installation, Lawrence founded Limpsfield Ceramics in 2012, after securing the well-known building on Limpsfield high street, formerly Bill Bings mechanics and prior to that it was a “wheelright’s” and forge.



“When I took on the building (owned by the Titsey Estate) it had a huge pit in the middle of the floor and two big double doors back and front,” said Lawrence.  “We had to do quite a lot of work. Locals remember car engines dangling off the huge old beam in the middle of the building, waiting to be dropped into cars!”

The existing building is thought to have been built in the early 20th century to replace a former workshop on the same site, that had fallen into disrepair. It was designed to match the existing buildings on the high street, and used the old materials from the demolished building.

The studio - 1927 T&C magazine
Town & Country Magazine 1927, thanks to Charlie & Nicola Jarrett

Now, as Limpsfield Ceramics, it’s an emporium of all things tile-related:

“We provide all types of tiles – glass, ceramic, porcelain and natural stone for all types of applications – floors and walls for kitchens, bathrooms, halls, conservatories and exterior grade porcelain. We also provide tiling accessories, such as underfloor heating, adhesives, grouts and silicones. We also supply Amtico vinyl flooring.”

Lawrence has supplied tiles to hundreds of local families for their home renovations, including many of the houses on the Titsey Estate, although many of his customers come across him by recommendation, having no idea there is such a brilliant business right in the heart of the village!


With all the latest tiles, styles and colours, Limpsfield Ceramics is a great place to go for inspiration. And if Lawrence doesn’t have what you’re looking for, he can most likely source it for you.

“The most requested colours are generally neutrals – greys and creams that have been for popular some time now,” says Lawrence, “but the manufacturers are bringing out lots of concrete style, large format tiles this year, a new slant on basic grey.  Greys and metallic are being used much more, especially with the trend for metallic neutrals. Another current interiors trend is for geometric patterns, and we’re also seeing this coming through in the latest tile designs.”

Limpsfield Ceramics



Lawrence is a great advocate of the Limpsfield community, with children in local schools as well as a local business: “I’ve lived in Limpsfield most of my life, and I’ve always loved it here, a nice feeling of community, although it does feel like we are getting a little closer to London (or vice versa) perhaps its progress and I’m getting older!”

In terms of the future of Limpsfield and the Local Plan, Lawrence believes something needs to be done about the traffic in particular: “I would love to see a workable plan for the traffic problems in the High Street, although it’s generally only really bad at the school run times (and I’m guilty for that as well), but it definitely puts people off Limpsfield High Street, which is a real shame for the village and for the businesses here.”

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For more information on Limpsfield Ceramics, go to the website or Facebook page, or drop in and say hello. There is parking by the store and Lawrence is always very happy for a chat and for people to just pop in to browse all the hundreds of display tiles and boards for a bit of inspiration!

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