Lucy Linger Moore launches local film company

Lucy Linger Moore, owner of Limpsfield’s Fancier Dress and the Threadbare Theatre Co., has launched a new film venture, Linger Longer Films, which has just finished shooting its first short film, Love Lies all around the Limpsfield and Oxted area.

The film, written and directed by Lucy is now in post production, but was recently filmed around Oxted in locations, such as Hi Hi, La Maison, Paydens, Oxted school, outside the Oxted Inn (Wetherspoons) and at Tandridge Heights Nursing Home, as well as private homes in and around Oxted.
Filming inside La Maison
Lucy directs outside Oxted Inn
Starring Threadbare regular Matt Winter, and local actress Ruth Redman, the film studies age, love, family and the lies we tell those closest to us. Love Lies asks if we expect more honesty and openness from our children than we give them…
Lucy answers a few questions for the Limpsfield Blog…
You’ve been working in theatre for 14 years. Why film and why now?
It was never my intention to get into film, but we staged a production of Offroading, a play that I wrote set in the Crown, and many people said it would make a good movie. I decided to try and transpose it to a screenplay and took a course to learn how. It is a completely different beast to theatre and I’m still learning.
So how is it different to theatre?
Theatre has always been performed predominantly to be heard. Its roots are the Greeks, Shakespeare – people using words to paint pictures in the audience’s minds. Film is a visual medium. Its roots are silent movies. For someone like me, used to honing dialogue, writing in a medium where visuals are king pin is very different. You still want sparkling dialogue, but you also want to take your audience on a visual journey.
How did you end up doing a short film?
As I began to learn more about writing for film, I began to experiment in different forms. The short film form is more practical, financially,  but it’s even heavier, visually;  you only have 15 minutes to tell a whole story and it just dies if you get dialogue-heavy scenes. This was a huge challenge, but a very good way to get used to writing for film. Love Lies took on a life of its own and was just four weeks from first draft to shooting. I felt a bit shell-shocked by the end!
Why are short films so popular?
If you think about it, you could spend up to three hours in a cinema, watching a film that you might not like,  but you can go to a film festival and see six short films in the same time. If you don’t like one, you may like the next. There are now hundreds of film festivals dedicated to short films, like the London Short Film Festival in January and the BFI for young film makers in February.  It’s nothing new though – the first Oscar for a short film was given in 1931! Back then, it was done in rolls of film – a roll being 1,000 feet or less, or about 11 mins.
Will Love Lies be doing the festival circuit?
Yes, definitely. We also hope to be able to show it at Oxted cinema when it reopens. There is so much of Oxted in it and, similar to our plays at The Crown, I always like to do a local showing, because local people have always been such a huge support to me with Threadbare Theatre Co. and Fancier Dress.
To find out about short film festivals, click HERE.
If you want to support Lucy’s new film’s post production, you can donate through Lucy’s Gofundme page 
Read more about the film and Linger Longer Films here: 

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