Fancy Dressing up this Christmas?

Christmas is fast approaching and despite the chill, things are hotting up at Fancier Dress, as their Christmas costume deliveries arrive thick and fast! But it’s not just Santas walking out the door – we caught up with Manager, Teresa Cheatham to find out what other treats they have in store that would be great for parties or look cracking under your tree!

You must sell plenty of Santas at this time of year… are they your best seller?
Yes Santa costumes are still our best selling Christmas dress up, but we sell almost as many elves! Every Santa needs at least one helper, after all! We also sell the entire nativity story, which is particularly popular with kids for school and church nativity plays. We’ve got all the main characters – Mary, Joseph, shepherds, lambs, wise men and of course the all-important star to guide them!
Are your Christmas costumes mainly for children?
No, not at all! We also have a huge demand for novelty costumes for adults, to add a bit of fun to office parties. Ones that always go down well are snowmen, Christmas presents, trees and puddings – you can dress yourself up as anything these days. And if you don’t want to go the whole hog, then just a fun or festive hat can turn a low-key lunch into a festive feast!
How do other fancy dress costumes fare at this time of year? 
Fancy dress costumes make a great present for kids, so we still sell lots of knights and fairy princesses, astronauts, superheroes, fairytale characters and pretty much everything in between!  Fancy dress is also a popular choice for Secret Santa gifts – our reindeer boxer shorts and antler sets have actually sold out already, though we’re hoping to get more in early December.
What about New Year’s Eve parties…Have you got them covered?
Oh yeah! New Year’s Eve parties are a great excuse for fancy dress, so we also rent and sell loads of other themed costumes, accessories, wigs, makeup, glitter and coloured hair sprays…You name it, we’ve pretty much got every fancy dress requirement sorted!
One of Fancier Dress’s most popular purchases for New Year is of course, the fireworks…
Yes, don’t forget the fireworks! We get them in early and take advance orders.  Much like your Christmas turkeys, you need to get in quick, as they whizz out the door very fast! We like to think we make your New Year’s party go off with a bang;)
So there you have it. Whether you’re after a gift or something to brighten up your own winter nights, whatever your age, Fancier Dress has something to put the festive fun into your stocking. Oh, and they do stockings as well 😉 !

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