Limpsfield’s retired horses get the best views!

A year ago, Emma Hart, who lives in Edenbridge, but kept her ponies in Limpsfield Chart, decided with the encouragement of local landowner, Peter Goldsmith, to set up Limpsfield Rest & Retirement Grass Livery, a retirement and rest business for horses. Now many lovely retired gee gees are out to grass with some of the best views in Surrey!

What made you set up Limpsfield Rest & Retirement Grass Livery?

I live in the area and became friends with local land owner, Peter Goldsmith after renting a field from him for my own ponies. I have always wanted to look after horses as a career and Peter thought that my idea of opening a retirement livery was a good one, so we went for it! The location of the fields is on Trevereux Hill and is so lovely and quiet, so it’s perfect for retired horses. They definitely enjoy some of the best views in Surrey!  

How long have you been running the business and how is it going?

The livery officially opened a year ago and we took on our first livery in the October and it has snow-balled from there. We currently have 10 liveries, but due to very recent expansion plans we have room for two possibly three more.

What do you offer exactly?

We offer full livery for horses and ponies retired at grass. Each horse has an individual care plan and I send all my owners weekly pictures and updates.  We pretty much take care of everything from general food and care to regular vaccinations, farrier and minor injuries or vets visits.

How many horses do you have in residence?

Currently 10 with room for 2/3 more.

Why do most horses stay with you?

They mainly come to me because of long term soundness issues or because of old age.

Do you have any naughty ponies?!

All of our residents have wonderful characters and some are extremely quirky! I get a lot of pleasure from getting to know them all individually and gaining their trust.

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For more information,  call Emma on 07720317057; email: or find them on Facebook: **

Visit the website –

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