Don’t Miss: Outside the Box – A Live Show about Death

Limpsfield’s Lucy Linger Moore, owner of Fancier Dress and Director of the Threadbare Theatre Company and The Crown Inn’s “Play at the Pub Productions” are hosting their first visiting theatre company next week. OUTSIDE THE BOX – A Live Show about Death is a brilliantly funny and uplifting play, scouted by the Threadbare Theatre Company at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  

The Play at the Pub and Threadbare Theatre Company really hope to give this first visiting company a warm Oxted welcome as they continue with their mission to bring you quality checked, Threadbare Theatre approved performances right to your local pub!! 
OUTSIDE THE BOX – A Live Show about Death is written and performed by Liz Rothschild and directed by Jo Bousfield and comes with a warning THIS SHOW MIGHT CHANGE YOUR LIFE… AND YOUR DEATH!

The multi-talented Liz is a performer, celebrant and award-winning burial ground owner. So she knows all about life and death!  Her unique insights and experiences have created a highly original and beautifully cathartic show, combining mercurial tales and miraculous truths, collected by Liz over the years from lifes finishing line.
Funny, wise and-taboo busting, Outside The Box confronts the ‘Elephant in the room’ with grace and humour, asking its audience to embrace mortality and look on the bright side of life, with a weave of untold and surprising stories, a hint of history and some pithy commentary on the funeral industry (from one who knows!)
Designed to be humorous as opposed to depressing, the play is thought-provoking and uplifting.
It made me laugh. It made me cry, It made me want everyone to see it!
Matt Holland, Director, Swindon Festival of Literature 
A remarkably refreshing and important show, gently dancing on the line between playful irreverence and necessary solemnity.
Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Festival 2016
Outside the Box is on next week, April 5th and 6th at 8pm, The Crown Inn, Old Oxted.
Tickets £12.50 (standard adult) and £10 concessions.
BOX Office 01883 723 855 or from Fancier Dress Home Page
View further event details on Threadbare Theatre Company’s Facebook page
As per other Play at the Pub productions you can book a table and order food before the show. 01883 717853. 

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