elections results for Limpsfield

The District and Parish Councils were held on Thursday with the vote count taking place yesterday, Friday 5th May, at De Stafford Sports Centre. Limpsfield had the highest turnout in Tandridge of 44% for the District Elections and for the Parish Elections at 42.9%. Congratulations to our re-elected District Councillor Claire Blackwell for the Oxted & Limpsfield Residents Group.

All incumbent Parish Councillors who were standing again were re-elected, with newcomers Sophie Kemp and Tony Taylor (Independent Limpsfield Residents) also being elected.

It was an interesting day. Always a bit disappointing to see how many people don’t vote, and also the number of “paper candidates” put forward by the Conservatives and Labour, who are there purely to have a representation for the parties, with no hope of winning the seat, which often costs the Parish Councils thousands of pounds in fees, as was the case of Limpsfield Parish Elections, by forcing a contested election (due to there being one more candidate than seats available).

District Election Results


CandidateDescriptionNumber of votesResult
Claire BlackwellOxted & Limpsfield Residents Group944Elected
Mark DeanLabour Party60 
Paul GreenhalghThe Conservative Party166 
Rupert McCannLiberal Democrats74 

Spoilt ballots: 5

Turnout: 44%

Parish election results 4 May 2023

Parish of Limpsfield (9 seats)

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votesResult
Thomas BriggsIndependent Limpsfield Resident610Elected
Bernie de HaldevangIndependent Limpsfield Resident598Elected
Mark DeanLabour Party193 
Robert HarveyIndependent Limpsfield Resident766Elected
Sophie KempIndependent Limpsfield Resident627Elected
Ann OsbornIndependent Limpsfield Resident909Elected
Tony TaylorIndependent Limpsfield Resident693Elected
John ThompsonIndependent Limpsfield Resident658Elected
Jenny WilliamsIndependent Limpsfield Resident630Elected
Mark WilsonIndependent Limpsfield Resident787Elected

Spoilt ballots: 22

Turnout: 42.9%

Now for the Coronation! Have a great day everyone.


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