Get planting – it’s Limpsfield in Bloom time…

Time to get planting your baskets, pots, window boxes and beds for the King’s Coronation themed Limpsfield in Bloom 2023!

As you may know, Limpsfield takes its “in bloom” entry very seriously indeed and wins Gold pretty much every year…This is part of the national “Villages in Bloom” campaign by the RHS to promote community gardening and Limpsfield Village enters each year with a different colour and theme. The judging takes place in early July and this year’s theme is, of course, ‘THE KING’S CORONATION’.

Ann Osborn, who leads Limpsfield in Bloom with Lilian Hindley, said: « We’d love you to be particularly vibrant – celebrating with an explosion of colour throughout the village! We’ll be taking the lead from the flowers of the four Home Nations (red, yellow, blue and purple) and radiating from there! »

Limpsfield in Bloom also hopes to reflect the King’s interest in the environment, by increasing the sustainable and wild flower planting in the village to encourage more bees and butterflies. If you’re quick you can still plant some wildflower seeds.

The Parish Council has extended the wildflower area at the top of Limpsfield High Street by the traffic lights, so we’re looking forward to seeing those come out again this year. Last year they lasted right through the summer and were really beautiful.

A reminder of last year’s in bloom efforts is below…

So, who’s doing “No Mow May”?

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