Don’t Miss: Blue Moon by Limpsfield’s Threadbare Theatre

This January, don’t miss Blue Moon, the latest production by Limpsfield’s Threadbare Theatre starring Owen Frost and Victoria Porter at The Crown Inn, Old Oxted. Written by Maud Dromgoole, winner of the Threadbare Theatre Company’s 2017 Playwrighting Competition, this fast-paced and funny satire is a comedy, a horror, a political satire and – overwhelmingly – a love story.

In a desperate attempt to win Kate’s heart, Matthew (21) has wangled himself an invitation to her poker night. Poker, like love, is a game of chance, right?  He gives it a go online, to get the hang of it, and is beaten hollow by Suzie (43) in a casino poker championship.  Undeterred, he decides to engage her services as his tutor. 

We see them at their regular lessons – punctuated by a growing sense of the collapse of the country beyond as it succumbs to a Lupine Apocalypse. She teaches, he studies, she attacks, he defends; they drink, eat crisps, he bids, she raises, he quits…they talk. 
You know, I’d never have put us down as survivors…but in reality the valiant die first and the losers last the longest.
Learning both the rules and the psychological ploys of the game, Matthew also learns a lot about Suzie, and she about him.  

Resisting ever showing their hand to their opponent, they bluff to the last, and when all they have left to gamble with are honesty and vulnerability, they play one final climactic game.
Victoria Porter as Suzie
Upstairs bar, Crown Inn, Old Oxted
15th – 18th Jan 2018 8pm
Food available before from 6:30pm
Ticket Prices: £10, £8 conc
Running Time: Aprox. 70 mins
Age 15+  Loud noises and threat of imminent savaging

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Praise for previous Threadbare Productions:
“A roaringly funny evening’s entertainment. Don’t miss it…” Camden New Journal
“Pacey production… impressive performances.” Time Out
“You would be privileged to get hold of a ticket.” The Argus, Brighton
“A first class evening at the theatre.” City Islington Gazette
Writer: Maud Dromgoole      Director: Lucy Linger    Cast: Victoria Porter and Owen Frost
For press tickets contact Lucy 07801 809 552

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