Celebrate Limpsfield’s circle of life with a wreath on your door

While wreaths have been used for many purposes over the centuries, including religious, political and spiritual, in Ancient Greek culture, the wreath symbolised the circle of life, representing those who have been and gone and those who are to come.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if every front door in Limpsfield this December had a wreath on it, celebrating the life of our lovely community, commemorating those who have passed and celebrating those starting out on their own journey?

There are various wreath-making events over the coming week, at The Perfect Blend and at St Andrew’s Church, but it’s also a lovely thing to do at home with the kids, grandchildren or family over the weekend.

If you don’t want to make one, buy one or just add a little something extra to one you already have; something that is personal to you or your family or that commemorates the life of someone special.  It could be a tiny photo, a poppy, a ribbon, a favourite sweet, a piece of fabric, a much-loved flower or sprig of a tree, a toy or a special decoration passed down through the generations.


Let’s make Limpsfield known for its beautiful Christmas wreaths, celebrating our community spirit and generations of residents past, present and future.

So everyone, this Christmas and for Christmases to come, whether you’re religious or not, or even if you generally say “Humbug” to Christmas, put a wreath on your door and celebrate Limpsfield’s circle of life.

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