The Perfect Blend Turns ONE today!

Congratulations to Limpsfield’s own cafe, The Perfect Blend, which turned ONE today! Locals and regulars were treated to coffee and chocolate birthday cake, joining Victoria, Jayne, Lisa, Carmen, Sophie and team to celebrate this milestone. 

Although Victoria and Jayne have been part of the village for many years, having previously run the Bridal shop, it’s hard to believe The Perfect Blend and Joie De Vivre have only been here a year, having become such an important part of the Limpsfield community.

IMG_5901Not just great coffee, tea and cakes, The Perfect Blend provides a lovely daytime meeting place for locals and visitors alike.

We’re looking forward to many more years of the Allinsons and their lovely team providing Limpsfield with coffee, cake, conversation and clothes, delivered with their infectious cheerfulness and a little bit of sparkle!


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