Friends of Limpsfield Common – call for volunteers

The fabulous Friends of Limpsfield Common is a dedicated group of around 40 volunteers who meet every week to help the National Trust to keep Limpsfield Common and surrounds in great condition so it can be enjoyed for generations to come. They are always in need of more help, and meet on Thursdays for clearing and other work around the Limpsfield Common area. 

Their work includes clearing, thinning and maintenance of the beautiful woodland areas; maintenance and updates of the air raid shelters; and under the creative direction of volunteer Peter Wade, they have created, maintain and continue to add to the incredibly popular family attractions, Homes for Woodland Creatures at Ridlands Grove.

David Claridge, Chair of the NT Limpsfield Common Local Committee explains the role of the Friends of Limpsfield Common. “We are an advisory group to Mark Richards the Head Ranger for the National Trust in this area. The Friends are a group of supporters of the Committee and NT.”

“There are about 200 members that pay £10 a year to support good works on the Common, such as the Animal houses in Ridlands Grove, which were created by a NT volunteer,” says David. “There are over 40 volunteers that help keep the Common in good shape and the Committee uses Friends money to support their equipment needs.”

Please get in touch if you would like to volunteer or can offer any equipment.





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