Flashback Friday: Chart Windmill, Limpsfield Chart

If you’ve ever wondered why there’s a Mill Lane and Mill Cottages on Limpsfield Chart, but were afraid to ask… well, it is the site of the Chart Mill which stood on the Chart until 1925.  According to OckleyWindmill‘s history on Surrey mills, the mill on Limpsfield Chart was built around 1817 and is unique among Surrey’s mills, because it was the only one to have clockwise sweeps…apparently most mills sweep anti-clockwise…


This photo was taken around 1890 and there appear to be cows wandering about on the Chart!

The Chart Mill stopped official work in 1897 and was demolished in 1925.

The last miller was Bill Nash who ran the Chart Mill from 1876 to 1897.

Photo: M Yates collection. 



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