Flashback Friday: The Forge and Forge Cottages Limpsfield

The Forge and Forge Cottages on Limpsfield High Street (not to be confused with Forge Cottage on Limpsfield Chart – Stoneleigh Road) were built in the late 1600s. The Forge itself (pictured) stood on the end of the cottages on the corner of Priest Hill by Memorial Stores until the 1930s, when it was finally demolished. The four tiny timber and brick/rubble cottages still stand, now painted white and black.


We really need your flashbacks! Please send in any old photos of the area that you might have with a couple of details about them. Either scanned and emailed to hello@limpsfieldsurrey.com or sent in the post c/o Limpsfield website, 36 Titsey Road, Limpsfield, Surrey RH80DF with a return address and we promise to send them back!

Or, the lovely Kerry at Memorial Stores might be kind enough to let you leave photos there and I’ll collect when I’m next there. c/o Sophie, LimpsfieldSurrey.com


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