Flashback Friday: Limpsfield Village in the snow?

Actually we’re not entirely sure if this is Limpsfield in the snow or not – it could be the age of the print – it looks pretty wintry though!  It’s taken from outside what was then The White Hart pub (Lord Rodney/Rodney House) looking down the high street.
The photo is stamped J Brasier, who was J Brasier of the Brasier & Sons family, Builders & Undertakers, based at Brasier’s Cottage, next to what is now Ebbutt & Sons Funerals. They were carpenters and journeymen by trade, so presumably made the coffins as well as undertook the burial?
J Brasier played cricket for Limpsfield into his 70s (in the 1920s) and is, according to this article, directly related to our very own PM, Theresa May (nee Theresa Mary Brasier)!!  Click here to see how they’re related: Find My Past/Theresa May
PS. Sorry for the lateness of this Flashback Friday – I was held up by the snow…and Southern Trains 😉 …

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