Flashback Friday: Nightingale cellist, Beatrice Harrison at Foyle Riding

Foyle Riding was formerly the home of world famous cellist, Beatrice Harrison (1892 – 1965). The garden at Foyle Riding was perhaps the most talked about garden in England in the 1920s. For the very first time, on 19th May 1924, radio listeners heard a cello playing while nightingales sang, live and broadcast by the BBC.


The Harrison family dedicated their lives to music and paved the way for a generation of female musicians. They gained the respect of leading composers and performers of their day and set a precedent in the history of English music.
Foyle Riding was a haven for the Harrison sisters and numerous composers, including the likes of Elgar, Delius, Cyril Scott and Gerald Moore to name a few.
The original Music Room Oxted  at The Old Barn, now a separate residence but formerly part of Foyle Riding, was the location for many musical soirees back in the day and is now a musical events venue and film/tv location run by its owner and local interior designer, Sandee Brown. More to come on this amazing and historic venue in the new year.

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