Flashback Friday: Limpsfield High Street and Bookshop

We love this amazing photo of Limpsfield High Street pre-dating cars!    They didn’t even drive on the left then 😉

Limpsfield High Street – Redfern, the bookshop and Berry House, Miles House.
Photo from family history archive: http://hyslopmaxwell.com/places – probably from 1890s
Hyslop Maxwell Family Archive Limpsfield http://hyslopmaxwell.com/places
The Limpsfield Bookshop, Berry House and Miles House

Got any good Flashback Limpsfield photos? Please scan (jpg) and email to hello@limpsfieldsurrey.com with a brief description and date if you have one.  Any era goes, as long as it’s in Limpsfield and it’s a flashback! 

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