Where to trick or treat tonight in Limpsfield

If you’re out and about Trick or Treating tonight, the best places to go in Limpsfield are Granville Road, Park Road, Detillens Lane, Pastens, Padbrook, Ridlands Lane, Ridlands Rise, Brassey Hill and Stoneleigh Road.

Those houses who want to see Trick or Treaters are usually the ones with Halloween decorations, pumpkin lights and candles in their doorway or windows.

Please respect those who do not wish to have trick or treaters visit their house. They are not necessarily stingy, boring or bad tempered Halloween Humbugs! Some elderly people are genuinely frightened by some Trick or Treaters, particularly the older ones!

Last minute costumes and accessories at Fancier Dress (open until 5pm).

No Scary Clowns Please!

Many adults and children have been genuinely terrified by the ridiculous clown trend sweeping the globe. Please think twice about clown costumes. It’s well past funny and could seriously cause long term psychological damage to young children.


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