Meet Daphne bholua ‘Limpsfield’ – our very own shrub!

Who knew we had a beautiful plant named after us and it’s in flower right now? The more knowledgable of the gardening types around these parts have most likely known for ages, but for those who didn’t know, meet the Daphne bholua ‘Limpsfield’, a gorgeous evergreen shrub that hails from the Himalayas.

The RHS says it’s a “particularly floriferous form, the heavenly scented flowers are seen in the depths of winter, usually in Feb, and are rich purple-pink in bud, with some of that colour bleeding into the white open faces.”

Even the gorgeous gardener Jamie Butterworth aka @Gardener_Jamie (worth following for all sorts of reasons) recently recently tweeted: “Daphne bholua Limpsfield, at last something cheery after weeks of rubbish frost and cold, fabulous!”


And Emma Allen, Garden Manager at RHS Wisley (who’s jealous of her job?!) tweeted: “Delightful fragrance from Daphne bholua ‘Limpsfield’ at the top of the Rock Garden”

If you fancy growing one in your Limpsfield garden, then the Daphne bholua will grow in alkaline or acidic soils (but not too shallow or quick-drying) and requires a steady supply of moisture during the growing season. It prefers to be sheltered from heat of the sun and wind.

Limpsfield has a great tradition and enthusiasm for flora, regularly winning Gold in the annual RHS Britain in Bloom competition, with a dedicated team led by local resident, Ann Osborn. It also has a thriving gardening society in the Limpsfield and Oxted Horticultural Society.

For anyone wanting to find out a little more about their garden and get some great gardening advice and tips, the Limpsfield, Oxted District Horticultural Society has been going for over 120 years and meets the first Wednesday of every month (except for January and August) at the Red Cross Centre, Hoskins Road, Oxted.  It hosts various events throughout the year.
The society’s meetings are sociable and usually welcome an interesting guest speaker. New members are welcome to join and membership costs only £10 per year.
LODHS also has a Sale of Plants each year – this year on Saturday 20th May, and their main event is the Celebration of Local Gardening – this year on Saturday, 8th July at 2pm. This is a non-competitive event and everyone (young and old) is welcome to bring along a display;  be it flowers, fruit, vegetables or produce.
For more plants and info on local gardens and horticulture, see the Limpsfield and Oxted District Horticulture Society’s blog –

PHOTO: Emma Allen, Garden Manager at RHS Garden, Wisley. Follow her: @EmAllGP

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