H2H Sensory Theatre needs your urgent help to SECURE funding to renovate their unique space

H2H Sensory Theatre in Crowhurst Lane, Oxted are applying to Your Fund Surrey for funding to renovate their barn to provide a fabulous community hub and working base for future generations of families and children with physical and learning disabilities.

All YOU have to do is register your support on the website by leaving a smiley face, a comment and your email. That’s it. And there are only FIVE days to do this. Just click on the link below.


The Project

Head2Head Sensory Theatre is a small, volunteer-led charity on Crowhurst Lane, Oxted. Their sole aim is to serve the special needs and disability community in the local area.

Their wish is to convert their currently unfit-for-purpose barn into a brand new space for residents of Limpsfield and Oxted and they have applied for funding from Your Fund Surrey to do this.

BUT they need more people to get behind their project and register their support/comments on the Your Fund Surrey project site.

“Since moving into the barn 18 months ago our small charity has made many minor improvements but we cannot open our doors to the public as the building remains FREEZING COLD!” says Lisa Ronchetti.

The cost of our project is £115,000.  Thanks to support from The Wooden Spoon Foundation and private donors we have raised £20,000 and are asking Your Fund Surrey for £95,000.

The barn has single glazed windows, no ceilings, wooden barn doors and only one oil fired heater to warm up three large areas: theatre studio, storage and reception.  Their wish is to create a sustainable, energy efficient centre for the special needs and local communities by installing:

  • double glazed windows
  • suspended ceilings
  • air source heat pump
  • solar panels
  • heating panels and hot water system
  • fire doors & partitioning
  • wall insulation

Despite having little or no heating the barn has been the base from which the charity runs its Work Experience Programme & Professional Placement Scheme for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities.  This provides them with experience and training to enable them to fulfil their dreams of taking on a career in the theatre industry or a customer-facing job.

All YOU have to do to help is click on the link below and support the project with a smiley face and a comment. That’s IT! A TINY thing to do but it could make such a HUGE difference to them.


What is H2H all about?

They are a brilliant charity that is passionate about making theatre accessible to everyone, and understands that families who have a child with a disability face many barriers.

H2H spends its limited resources raising awareness, sharing knowledge and developing new ways to make this happen. They perform all over the country and provide opportunities for self-development and learning with a unique work experience programme that supports students transitioning from education.

“Our local community has no public transport, so local elderly and children with learning difficulties and disabilities have difficulty in reaching nearby town amenities,” says Lisa Ronchetti, Head of Marketing at Head2Head Sensory Theatre.

“We would really like to use our Barn building as a community hub, providing social events, fitness classes and a free lending library. Unfortunately it needs a LOT of work! So we’ve applied for funding from Your Fund Surrey, but we need more comments to open up the funding.”

Please give them a hand. Take a moment to leave a comment on the YourFund Surrey proposal page link below.


The Barn, Drewshearne, Crowhurst Lane End, Oxted, United Kingdom

+44 1883 725264



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