What’s hot this Halloween?

If you’re heading for a Halloween party, hosting one or just up fo scaring some trick or treaters, you’ll want to know what’s hot this Halloween!  We asked Fancier Dress owner, Lucy Moore, to pull back the curtain and give us some insights! 

“It will come as no surprise that Clowns are still THE thing for Halloween. I sometimes wonder if clowns get any birthday party work these days, they have become so synonymous with fear and all things scary.


With the release and huge popularity of JOKER there is competition for which clown you want to be but despite vying for top spot our IT costume is still going down well this year. People love both these clowns in particular, because you can wear a wig and then do face paint, instead of a full face mask, making it easier to eat and drink – which let’s face it is the most important thing at a party!

Our kids’ costumes are as popular as ever – the girls just seem to want to be gorier every year, whilst the boys still often favour a mask and cape. Traditional skeletons are a big hit and our gorgeous skeleton tutu dresses for toddlers are a Halloween costume and party dress all in one!

People are loving our his and hers outfits. Why not protect yourself from all the many zombies you’re bound to encounter with matching biohazard suits?

We have face paints and accessories to complete your look.

Or if you want something completely unique, why not pick up one of our ex-hire costumes. These are items that have been in need of a little TLC… but rather than repair why not use the odd mark or tear as a starting point for your very own zombie outfit at a fraction of the price. These include military jackets from as little as £5!

As ever we have a wide range of hire costumes as well as items to buy. Wow friends with full Henry the 8th and Anne Boleyn costumes – complete with stitch wound on the neck for where her head was sown back on!

And don’t forget contact lenses. These are THE must have accessory to complete any outfit and wow party goers. From Hellraiser to Marilyn Manson, from Green alien to Purple kitty and Snow beast, we’ve got you covered!

We really do have everything you could need. Rather than ordering online and waiting in a constant state of worry to see if it arrives on time (spoiler alert – they don’t always!) why not shop small, shop local and support small business in your local area. See you soon! Lucy x”


Fancier Dress is open Tues – Sat 10 – 5pm and until 7pm on a Thurs. Call 01883723855 or email sales@fancierdress.co.uk.

Fancier Dress also sells FIREWORKS for Guy Fawkes Night. 

As ever, please respect people’s wishes if you are out trick or treating this year. If someone has a sign saying No Trick or Treaters, please respect their wishes.

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