Panda Nursery children shine in Christmas play

Panda Nursery children are surely stars in the making, having performed their Christmas play, “Shine Star Shine”, to rapturous applause on Friday 16 December!  This year’s play, a popular choice amongst nursery and primary schools, was performed to perfection by members of the Adventurers Class.

Shine Star Shine is about a big star who needed to show the way to the stable where a special baby was to be born, but he just couldn’t shine.

All his star friends try to help him shine but nothing works.  It’s only when he sees that baby Jesus loves him and all the stars, angels and everyone in the world, that he begins to shine and his light can be seen for miles!

The gorgeous little play, watched by a full house of proud parents and grandparents, staff and friends, involved lots of singing, fairy lights and an energetic boogie to SClub 7’s “Reach for the Stars!”

Alison Thompson, Director of Panda Nursery said: “Supported by the Panda staff, the children were amazing, singing at the top of their voices and remembering all their lines. We have a lot of little stars in the making!”

We will look out for them in years to come!


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