Limpsfield Neighbourhood Plan

July 2018 – The Limpsfield Neighbourhood Plan is now in public consultation and we urge all Limpsfield Parish residents to fill in the comments form regarding the draft plan before it is submitted to council… this is our one chance to have a say in the shaping of Limpsfield for the next 20 years…

You can read the draft plan and find the link to the comments/feedback form on the Neighbourhood Plan website – and keep an eye out on Twitter @LimpsfieldPC or tweet your own comments #LimpsfieldNP.

Your Limpsfield, Your Future

The Limpsfield Neighbourhood Plan (LNP) is the community of Limpsfield’s opportunity to have a say on how Limpsfield should change over the next 20 years. It essentially looks at what Limpsfield currently has in terms of assets and attributes, services and amenities, infrastructure and planning guidelines for development of the neighbourhood and protection of its green spaces.

The LNP, once submitted and approved, is due to come into effect in November 2019.

Since Limpsfield was granted Neighbourhood status, we are now able to draw up our own Neighbourhood Plan to submit to Tandridge Council.

The process includes public consultation, a referendum of all Limpsfield residents and a review by an independent Government Inspector. Once the contents of the plan have been signed off, the Limpsfield Neighbourhood Plan will become a legally binding document that has to be taken into account by Tandridge District Council and Government Planning Inspectors when approving future changes or development in Limpsfield.

The Limpsfield Neighbourhood Plan will influence local planning as to the character, concentration and location of any new houses; the protection of green spaces and Green Belt; the need for further infrastructure and certain public services.

Limpsfield Needs YOU! Yes it’s your future, so please be involved and play a part in the future of our beautiful pocket of Surrey.

If you’re interested please contact the clerk, Geoff Dessent,


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